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Maurice Dogué

     You could say I began writing informal poems during high school.  There were many moments since then when it was necessary to express myself in written word.  I began writing this book on a park bench during a lunch break.  After much research and endless rewrites, here lies the finished product.       

     This is an exciting time.  Finally, there are many stories to tell.  All the bits and pieces of a lifetime of talking, listening, watching and reading are at my fingertips.  Now is my time to write!  I hope you enjoy the story.   

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  • Where do I write?

I write anywhere I can sit, but am especially clairvoyant when outside close to nature.  By the window with some sun is fine.  Of course there is sitting at the desk in front of a computer screen too.

  • How did I start writing?

I wrote when I couldn’t express myself with talking or artmaking.  I guess this started in high school.  Today it is my quest for a divine connection. 

  • Why did I write Michael Discovers The Secrets Of Jazz?

In a peaceful solitary moment outdoors I started scribbling this story.  I felt I was tapping into an inspiration bigger than me.   I think I like writing more than talking.  It’s close to music-making-my attempt to make harmony and melody.

  • What has writing taught me?

I learn about patience, clarity and the rewrite.  I no longer dread going over the same material to make it better.

Fun Facts

  • I’ve watched cooking shows since I was a kid so I love to cook. 

  • I love to eat vegetables, but I hate Brussels sprouts!

  • My favorite food is spiced salmon fish with okras and rice with black beans.

  • I love to watch Sci-fi movies.

  • My brain holds the lyrics to hundreds of songs of different genres.  So, I sing in the car. 

  • I’ve finally jumped ship from the New York Knicks and become a Brooklyn Nets fan.

  • I love to watch and play sports with my kids.

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