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About me

Maurice Dogué

You could say I began writing informal poems during high school.  There were many moments since then when it was necessary to express myself in written word.  I began writing this book on a park bench during a lunch break.  After much research and endless rewrites, here lies the finished product.  This is an exciting time.  Finally, there are many stories to tell.  All the bits and pieces of a lifetime of talking, listening, watching and reading are at my fingertips.  Now is my time to write!  I hope you enjoy the story.      

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Where Do Writers Come From?

I created visual art my entire life.  Some of my earliest memories include artmaking.  This lead to formal art training and graduation from both The High School of Art and Design and The School of Visual Arts.  My career began as an illustrator for magazines and books.  My earliest technique of drawing and coloring with pencils was used in the creation of this book’s artwork.  Other mastered techniques include: mixed media, collage, painting and photography.  Writing and illustrating books –especially children’s is my current focus.  Michael Discovers the Secrets of Jazz is my authorial debut. 

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