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New Children's Book Brings Family Together

Maurice Dogué

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 23, 2019

New Children’s Book Michael Discovers The Secrets Of Jazz Brings Family Together Over Holidays!

New Children’s Book Available About the Power of Music.

New York City, New York December 23, 2019 -- Take a reading journey into American jazz through a young boy’s discovery of self with music play. Delightful for those who understand that creativity is healing. Finding a purpose can happen at any age!

“Imagination is the birthplace of all great ideas; just like New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz. A joyous journey through the healing nature of music, proving imagination and love are the birthplace of all wonderful things to come. Generations should read this story together!”

This is an inspiring children’s story about a boy’s discovery of himself and his gifts. His love of jazz music is rooted in imagination, history and self-expression. Michael’s experience is nurtured by the special bond shared only with his grandfather.

See the author’s website and contact him for appearances. Print book available for $21.99 or E book available for $7.99 at or Barnes& Libraries and book stores can order direct from Ingram Book Company 1-800-937-8200.

Author Maurice Dogué began writing informal poems during high school. Many times since then he found it necessary to express himself through the written word. Though his career began as an illustrator for magazines and books, he has now transformed into an author.

His debut story Michael Discovers The Secrets Of Jazz was first conceived on a park bench during a routine lunch break. After much research and endless rewrites, here lies a finished product.

Contact Maurice Dogué.

• 347 • 879 • 0538


• Requests and questions to


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